What is map packaging

What is MAP Packaging

Post Time: 12 April 2019

MAP  is defined as “the packaging of a perishable product in an atmosphere which has been modified so that its composition is other than that of air”. The availability of packaging films with a wide range of physical characteristics and versatile packaging equipment has enabled attention to be turned to MAP of food in small, convenient retail or distribution units.

The flavour, hygiene and nutritional quality of a food product has three main enemies: the oxygen contained in the air that can oxidise the product damaging its flavour or flavour reproduction of damaging micro-organisms (bacteria and mould); the micro-organisms commonly present in the environment, on tools, equipment, operator s hands, etc. that, with their proliferation, can render the product unacceptable for consumption or even dangerous to the health of the consumer; the enzymatic and/or physiological activity of the food product itself that contributes to accelerate the ageing of the product. It is possible to intervene on all of these main causes of deterioration on the product quality with adequate atmosphere modification to maintain the colour, taste and nutritional power of the product longer. In short, keep all of its quality and all of its economic value.


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