Continuous Modified Atmosphere Packing (MAP) Machine

Modified atmosphere packing (MAP) packs are produced by evacuation and gas flushing. This combination gas usually consists of carbon dioxide, nitrogen and oxygen.


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Continuous Modified Atmosphere Packing (MAP) Machine              

What is Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)?Modified atmosphere packing (MAP) packs are produced by evacuation and gas flushing. This combination gas usually consists of carbon dioxide, nitrogen and oxygen.

A gas flushing for modified atmosphere is incorporated prior to heat-sealing of the container.

What gases are application in Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)?Combination gases as follows is very often used

Oxygen (O2): in high concentration inhibits the growth of aerobic microorganisms.

Nitrogen (N2): mainly used as a stabilizing gas to maintain the pack volume for protection during handling or as transportation packaging.

Carbon dioxide (CO2): reacts with water to form carbonic acid, which helps to lower the PH. This atmosphere inhibits the growth of micro-organisms.

Why has Modified Atmosphere Packing (MAP) become popular?In the case of fresh meat and poultry, fresh pasta and baked products, and fresh-prepared foods, the modified atmosphere compliments refrigeration to retard chemical and/or microbiological deterioration of the food.

Packaging many fresh fruits and vegetables in a modified atmosphere with selected low oxygen content and elevated carbon dioxide content reduces respiration, with resulting increase in shelf life.

Why choose our Gas flushing MAP machine?

  1. Reliability, durability and Long service life
  2. Individually tailored solutions
  3. High production output and pack quality

What are our Modified Atmosphere Packing (MAP) machine features?

  1. It is suitable for packaging of fresh meat, poultry, pasta and baked goods, fruits and vegetables which is loaded in rectangular, polyhedral, round and oval trays, by means of a continuous automatic vacuuming, filling into the mixed gas, sealing, cutting, packaging finishing process.
  2. Thanks to the precise photoelectric tracking, color and optical film is successful applicate as cover web; also automatic tracking the prepared packing tray in case of non-tray or in wrong placement, optimize the packaging process.
  3. PLC control and Servo driving result a reliable process and easy operation.
  4. Sealing pressure, temperature and time which can be precisely controlled in 0.01 seconds ensure an excellent sealing with different packaging films.
  5. The machine is made of SUS304 food grade stainless steel material and acid resistant aluminium alloy.


  1. Automatic coding system
  2. Die set customized

Attention Please

MAP Packing Machine need to prepare the tray container in advance, this is different to the thermoforming vacuum packing machine.


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Modified Atmosphere Packing (MAP) machine technical data

Maximum film width 560mm
Gas replacement 98.5-99.5%
Packing speed 3-5 times/min
Air flow 250L/min
Power 2.5Kw
Weight 650kg
Dimension 3000*1200*1650mm