Food Vacuum Sealer, Vacuum Packaging Sealer

A food vacuum sealer also as known as Vacuum packaging machine draws air from pouches /plastic trays, or sometimes with gas flushing later, then make sealing. vacuum packaging sealer is becoming popular in food packaging appliance.


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What is a food vacuum sealer?

In a broad sense, the obvious reason for foodstuffs packaging is to protect the food until it is ready to be prepared and consumed.

Food vacuum sealer also as known as Vacuum packaging machine draws air from pouches /plastic trays, or sometimes with gas flushing later, then make sealing.

Oxygen has been identified as the primary source of spoilage in most food products caused by aerobic microorganisms and particularly mold.

By removing air, the levels of oxygen in the packaging are reduced, limiting oxygen breathing microorganisms to grow and spoil the product. That means the removal of oxygen can often extensively help extend product life.

Apart from this, Vacuum packaging offers additional advantages such as reducing the volume and improving the rigidity of flexible packages. In retort able pouches, vacuum helps press the package against the food and thus improve heat transfer. [Zeki Berk, in Food Process Engineering and Technology (Third Edition), 2018]

Vacuum packaging sealer classification

Vacuum packaging machine for food

Classification by function

Classification by packaging scale

Classification by structure

Reduce oxygen and extend shelf life

Small scale vacuum sealer for food

chamber vacuum sealer

Vacuum skin packaging machin

Cabinet vacuum  packaging sealer

Continuous vacuum  packaging sealer

Double sealing bars vacuum airtight sealing packaging machine

Thermoforming Vacuum Packaging Machine

Flexible pouches Thermoforming Vacuum Packaging Machine

Rigid Tray Thermoforming Packaging Machine

Gas flushing to keep food fresher  

Modified Atmosphere Packing (MAP) Machine

Continuous Modified Atmosphere Packing (MAP) Machine

Intermittent Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) Machine

Food Vacuum Sealer application

Preserving Food of vacuum packaging without gas flushing

Vacuum packaging machines  or vacuum sealers is becoming popular in food packaging appliance.

It most refers to removing the oxygen from the package and sealing it to keep food fresher for a longer time.

Oxygen does promote certain reactions in foods which cause deterioration of quality. One of the main causes of the spoilage of food is the growth of microbes such as bacteria, yeasts and mould s. In a vacuum packaging condition, the spoilage bacteria will not multiply very fast. Therefore, removal of oxygen from food packs will preserve certain quality characteristics and extend the shelf life.

The removal or reduction of oxygen is indeed helpful for extending the storage quality of non-perishable dry foods, such as dried nuts or crackers. Dried foods are low enough in moisture that bacterial growth is prevented without oxygen presence.

But, when vacuum packaging perishable foods, removing oxygen cannot ensure a safe quality without proper food storage. Removal of oxygen does not eliminate the possibility for all bacterial growth. Some pathogenic bacteria, for example, C. botulinum, like anaerobic (lacking in oxygen) conditions and reproduce well in vacuum packaged foods. Following, refrigeration at 38-40 F becomes a critical step for storage of low acid vacuum packaged anaerobic (lacking in oxygen) conditions.

Vacuum packaging sealer features

Small scale Chamber food vacuum sealer

  – A basic industrial mode food vacuum sealer packaging machine

automatic chamber vacuum packaging sealer

Small scale Chamber food vacuum sealer, also named an automatic vacuum packaging machine, is the best commercial vacuum sealer and a basic industrial model

The product in air tight pouches is placed inside the vacuum chamber over a sealing bar; the air is sucked out and then sealed.


vacuum sealer is commonly used in the food industry for cooking food and dried products packaging.

Compared to an external suction vacuum sealer, the vacuum between inside of the bag and outside of the bag remains the same vacuum; vacuum packaging for both dried products and few liquids filling food(non-overflow when place in chamber) is available.


Thanks to using a much larger selection of available bags and multiple bags sealing in a cycle, chamber vacuum sealers are an economical solution for high volume vacuum applications.


Gas flushing kits can be an option for these chamber vacuum sealers to performance a MAP packaging.

Standard equipped with a Busch vacuum pump.

2. Continuous vacuum airtight sealing packaging machine

   – The best application for large scale small pouch sealing

Continuous vacuum airtight sealing packaging machine


Four belt tilting angles range in 0 to 45 degrees can be set, thus responding to prevent the overflowing of the bag. This is ideal for packaging powdery, pasty and soup foods containing liquid.

High Efficiency

Batch product bags manual loaded on a belt are precise arrival of the vacuum chamber position by stepping motion, then, this continuous vacuum packaging sealer will automatically complete the chamber close, vacuum suction, sealing, cooling and discharging process. Meanwhile, next batch pouches are prepared in the belt. the conveyor belt with chain transmission continuously output products, hence, eliminates waste time, especially in efficiency processing a large number of small bags.


Standard equipped with a Busch vacuum pump.

Standard with 1 pcs or 2 pcs seal bars

Stainless steel exterior  

3. Thermoforming Vacuum Packaging Machine

    –  Large scale industrial vacuum sealer

Thermoforming Vacuum  Sealer

How does a Thermoforming Vacuum Packaging Machine work?

The flexible pouches or rigid trays are online thermoformed by means of heating the lower film roll in the forming die, products are loaded manually into the pockets, the top film covers the filled pockets/trays, vacuum is drawn, gas flush (option),and then the pack is sealed by the application of heat and pressure. After cutting across and longitudinal cutting the machine direction initially, the individual packs are completed.


This thermoforming vacuum packaging sealer is commonly used in the food industry for cooking food and dried products packaging, especially suitable for large scale continuous operation.

High Efficiency

The flexible pouches or rigid trays are online thermoformed continuously, there is no need to prepared in advance, efficiency in a large scale food packaging processing.

Vacuum packaging or vacuum and gas flushing sealing is option.


Standard equipped with a Busch vacuum pump.

standard equipped with SIEMENS PLC

High precision film positioning system

Easy to replace dies

Accurate cutting system

4. Modified Atmosphere Packing (MAP) Machine

    – Keep food fresh for as long as possible

vacuum packaging machine with gas flushing

What is Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)?

How to keep food fresh for as long as possible? MAP(Modified atmosphere packaging) is to seal the food product in a package which contains a mixture of natural gases in carefully controlled proportions that significantly slow down the process of decay by inhibiting processes of oxidation and the growth of microbes.

Modified atmosphere packaging involves the removal and introduction of specific elements to increase product lifespan.[ Vacuum Packing 101]

The most common gases used in modified atmosphere packaging are oxygen, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen.


MAP(Modified atmosphere packaging) machine means a gas flushing packaging sealer, or vacuum packaging machine with gas flushing.

In accordance with operation, it is classified in continuous and intermittent gas flushing sealer

In accordance with packs, it is classified in flexible pouches or rigid trays MAP(Modified atmosphere packaging) machine.


Trays packaging of fresh meat, poultry, pasta and baked goods, fruits and vegetables.


Standard equipped with a Busch vacuum pump

Standard equipped with SIEMENS PLC

Standard equipped with precise photoelectric tracking