Gas Flushing Trays Map Machine

Gas Flushing Trays Modified Atmosphere Packaging(MAP) Machine is designed for a small scale gas flushing packaging process. It is suitable for fresh meat and poultry, pasta, baked products, vegetable and fruits MAP packging.


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Intermittent modified atmosphere packing (MAP) machine      automatic modified atmosphere fruits packaging

Trays automatic modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) machine brief introduce Same to continuous modified atmosphere packaging, trays MAP packaging are also produced by evacuation and gas flushing consisting of carbon dioxide, nitrogen and oxygen.

A gas flushing for modified atmosphere is incorporated prior to heat-sealing of the container.

The different is just intermittent operated with a single or double tray container station.

automatic modified atmosphere food Packs   automatic modified atmosphere vegetable packaging

Why choose our trays gas flushing MAP machine?

  • Small scale packing process, less investment
  • Reliability, durability and Long service life
  • Individually tailored solutions

What are our automatic trays modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) machine features?

  • It is suitable for packaging of fresh meat, poultry, pasta and baked goods, fruits and vegetables which is loaded in rectangular, polyhedral, round and oval trays.
  • Thanks to the precise photoelectric tracking, color and optical film is successful application as cover web; also automatic tracking the prepared packing tray in case of non-tray or in wrong placement, optimize the packaging process.
  • PLC control and Servo driving result a reliable process and easy operation.
  • Automatic coding system is option
  • Die set customized is available

Automatic trays gas flushing MAP machine technical data

Automatic trays MAP machine technical data table
Film width 330mm
Compressed air 6 Bar
Power 3.5Kw
die set size 285*447*45mm
Packing speed 200-400 trays/h
Gas replacement 99-99.5%
Weight 600kg
Dimension 1200*790*1620mm