Continuous Vacuum Packaging Machine

Continuous Vacuum Packaging Machine is more suitable for large packs of aquatic products due to the ability to operate at four tilting angles


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Continuous vacuum packaging machine

Packing under vacuum extends the shelf life of products, since the biochemical degradation of the product is slowed down by the removal of the atmosphere.

Continuous vacuum packaging machine application Thanks to the ability to operate at four tilting angles, vacuum packaging aquatic products and liquid-containing goods are easier.

Thanks to the sealing length more than 1000mm, not only small size packs, but also large seals packs under vacuum packaging are all easier.

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Continuous vacuum packing machine features Continuous vacuum packing result a high efficiency

Operate at four tilting angles to meet various packing process

One step motor carry out the cover opening, closing and prepared packs feeding ensure a precise transmission.

German food grade vacuum pump, Busch or Rietschile result a reliability, durability and long service life.

Double or single sealing is freely option subjected to the packing capacity.


Continuous vacuum packaging machine technical data

Continuous vacuum packaging machine technical data table
Spec. 1000 1100
Vacuum Chember 1125*430*110mm 1225*550*110mm
Seal Length 1000*10(8)mm 1100*10(8)mm
Capacity 240-360 Tims/h 240-360 Tims/h
Weight  (Pump excluding) 450Kg 560kg
Dimensipn 1800*1400*1100mm 1900*1700*1100mm