Automatic Vacuum Packaging Machine Application Tips

DZ series swing lid automatic vacuum packaging machine is named according to the length of the heating seal strip, therefore, when determining a vacuum packaging machine, the size and quantity of packaging pouches are the main data.


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grians automatic vacuum packaging sealer

What is the automatic vacuum packaging machine features?Automatic operation swing cover vacuum packaging machine, a popular common food packing machine, is easy to operate, reduces labor intensity, and improves the efficiency of vacuum packaging.

The packaging bag is sealed immediately after vacuuming. Therefore, the packaged material achieves the aim of oxygen isolation and fresh preservation, moisture proof, mildew proof, and pollution proof, etc., extend its shelf life, easy to store and transport.

What is the automatic vacuum packaging machine application?It is suitable for vacuum packaging of raw and cooked food, grains, local characteristic products, medicines, chemicals, precision instruments, hardware products, electronic components, etc.

How does the automatic vacuum packaging machine works?operation pannle of DZ600 automatic vacuum packing machine   DZ600 cereals automatic vacuum sealing machine

The process of this vacuum packaging machine is as follows,

First, turn on the power and adjust the appropriate vacuum and heating sealing time.

Second, place the packaging pouches on the working platform of vacuum chamber, tiling the sealing mouth on the heating silicone strip and pressed with the bag strip.

Third, closing the lid, the packaging machine will automatically complete the process, vacuum extraction→sealing→cooling→vacuum releasing and lifting the lid.

When you want to buy an automatic vacuum sealer, how to choose its specifications? Which ones need more attention?Automatic vacuum seaing packaging machine specification

DZ series swing lid automatic vacuum packaging machine is named according to the length of the heating seal strip, including: DZ400 / 2S, DZ500 / 2S, DZ600 / 2S and DZ800 / 2S, which means the length of the sealing strip is 400mm, 500mm, 600mm and 800mm, respectively; Each vacuum chamber has 2 heating sealing strips, and the corresponding standard sealing strip central spacing is 390mm, 430mm, 490mm and 490mm, respectively.

Therefore, when determining a vacuum packaging machine, the size and quantity of packaging pouches are the main data.

Select the appropriate packaging machine according to the sealing length of the prepared packaging bag

Assume that the packaging bag has a sealing width of 280mm and length of 220mm, then, DZ600 / 2S is available. Each vacuum chamber can place 600/280 *2 = 4 bags, operated in 2times/min, the packaging capacity of this vacuum packaging machine is 4 bags * 2times/min * 60min/Hr = 480 bags / hr.

If we need to pack 800 bags / hour, 2 pcs DZ600 / 2S automatic packaging machines is requested.

In case the placement space is wasted due to the actual length of the packaging bag, customized a double chamber vacuum packaging sealer with suitable heating seal strip central distance is possible. Of course, the vacuum pumps and standard product specifications will also differ.

The equipped vacuum pump is also a key factor. Associated vacuum pumps, Busch, imported from Germany, produced by the joint venture or domestic manufactured need to consider of the quantity of packaged bags to be placed at one time, the expected packaging capacity and the cost of the vacuum pump need to be comprehensively considered. In a word, buy a packaging machine with the best cost performance.

Automatic vacuum packaging machine Busch Pump

Is it better to pack as fast as possible per unit time for this automatic vacuum sealer? This requires balancing the following factors

Faster packaging speed requires a larger vacuum pump to shorten the vacuum extraction time. Is it economical in cost performance?

The faster packaging speed means that the sealing strip will afford to be heated and cooled frequently in a short time, which is easy to burn, thus increasing the loss of the vacuum packaging machine.


The last, if you have any questions about this vacuum packaging machine, do not worry, please feel free to contact with us, our experienced engineer will carry out the most economical design according to the material you need to package, pouches material and size, packaging capacity.

Look forward to our efficient automatic vacuum packaging machine of your service in the near future.