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Basis on the plentiful experience for many years and well running of our both home and abroad potato chips making machine market,we are able to supply the most efficient production lines


Our Factory has grown into a Premier ISO9001:2008 Certified manufacturer of High quality, Cost-Effective products


Thanks to our knowledge and experience,we are as a professional manufacturer of complete potato chips French fries and banana chips production machines.

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We are specialized in potato chips machines, frozen potato fries machines, banana chips machines, plantain fries machines,includes potato peeler machine, potato chip slicer, french fries cutter,banana slicer, plantain fries cutter machine, potato chips deep fat fryer, also we offer onion process machines, garlic separator machine, garlic peeler machine, as well as meat process machines. Vacuum fryer and quick freeze machine (IQF) are our features machine.

Vacuum fryer and quick freeze machine (IQF) are our features machine. Sausage making machine,smoker oven ,steam jacketed kettle, electric steam generator, heat pump dryer and inflatable packaging machine are the latest equipments. How to make crispy fries, here you are!

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