Small Scale Vacuum Fryer | Low Fat Fruit And Vegetable Chip Vacuum Fryer

Small scale vacuum fryer is an intermittent operation low fat chip fryer which is suitable for fruit and vegetable chips vacuum frying process.It is easier to maintain natural colors and flavors of the finished fried snacks with no acrylamide content.


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Small scale vacuum fryer  is  an intermittent operation low fat chip fryer which is suitable for fruit and vegetable chips vacuum frying process.

The traditional deep fat frying machine ,both batch deep fat fryer and continuous frying machine,are all operated
under the atmospheric pressure, frying oil temperature is more than 160 ℃(320 F), some of the disadvantages are obvious.

Most of the nutritional content of food will be destroyed

The polymerization reaction happen due to fat works as high temperature and reuse, it will produce carcinogens.

Final frying food has relatively much fat, this is harmful to health.

Limitation to suitable for processing starch or high starch content materials

Vacuum Frying has more Advantages

Vacuum frying is an alternative method to the deep frying that offers the health benefits of humans.

Vacuum frying is carried out at pressures below atmospheric levels, which lowers the boiling points of oil and moisture in the foods. Vacuum frying can be used to fry high sugar fruits and fresh vegetable in order to produce various kinds of snacks.

The advantages of vacuum frying are as follows,

Healthier food

Vacuum frying process is of low temperature (80-120 ℃), the absence of air during frying may inhibit oxidation including lipid oxidation, enzymatic browning. Therefore, the color and nutrients of fried products can be largely preserved. Dehydrated foods produced by vacuum frying are of significantly low water content and low oil uptake, much crisp and not greasy, it keeps original shape, color, smell, taste, and vitamins, minerals, fibre and other nutrients.

Especially, decrease the acrylamide content in final fried products during vacuum frying process results healthy snacks available.


High efficiency of frying oil utilization

In a vacuum frying process, the frying oil is in a negative state, the chance of the oil being oxidized by oil contact air is reduced and the frying temperature is low, the degree of deterioration of oil is greatly reduced.


Less consumption of frying oil

In vacuum frying process, due to fast moisture evaporation, vacuum fried products will be of porous loose. During de-fating process under vacuum condition, frying oil will be removed easily, low oil content is available.

vacuum fryer  low fat vacuum frying fruits cripsy 

General Vacuum frying process

  • Application of vacuum frying

Fruit: banana, jackfruit, apple, kiwi, persimmon, strawberry, grape, peach, pear, etc.

Vegetables: sweet potatoes, potatoes, green beans, mushrooms, garlic, carrots, green peppers, pumpkin, onion, etc.

Dried fruit: date, peanut, etc.

  • General vacuum frying process

Material → washing & peeling→ slicing→blanching& color protecting →pre-drying (surface moisture removing) → quick freezing(recommended )→vacuum frying→vacuum Deoiling (accomplished in frying vessel) →flavouring →packing → Storage

Vacuum Frying Machine Technical Data 

Vacuum Fryer Technical Data Table


HVF 100

HVF 200

HVF 300

Frying Capacity

80-100 Kg/Batch

100-200 Kg/Batch

200-300 Kg/Batch

Frying time

40-120 min

Frying vacuum

-0.092 to -0.098 MPa

Frying temperature


Heating source


Vacuum pump

21 Kw

23.7 Kw

29 Kw

De-fating speed

0-400 rpm with inverter


Watch video of an intermittent vacuum fryer Vacuum Fryer Live Demonstration

Vacuum fryer video

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