What is food quick freezing

What is food quick freezing

Post Time: 23 June 2019

individual quick freezer

As one of the food preservation, quick freezing technology is to put the pre-treated food in a low-temperature facility, pass the largest ice crystal formation zone within 30 minutes, the center temperature drops below -5 degrees, and the ice crystal diameter formed is less than 100 micrometers, and the food center temperature after quick freezing must reach below -18 degrees. Generally, the frozen food is quickly packaged and delivered to consumers at a continuous low temperature below -18 degrees. This is also named as individual quick freezing process.

The forced convection air blast quick freezers are instant freeze cabinet, tunnel type quick freezer machine, fluidized quick freezer and spiral type quick freezer suitable for large freezing scale, respectively.

Nowadays, the highly efficient and environmentally friendly refrigerant R404 or R507 has become the best application in flash freezer.

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