IQF Spiral Freezer

IQF Spiral Freezer is suitable for mass foods frozen with low installation space request, highly freezing efficiency and energy-saving are the most features.


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Spiral Quick Freeze Machine Brief introductionSpiral Quick Freezer

Spiral Quick Freeze Machine is of highly efficient and energy-saving IQF freeze machine (Individual Quick Freezer), small installation space,
compact structure and large capacity are its advantages.

Spiral Quick Freeze Machine is suitable for frozen potato chips fries, banana/plantain chips, vegetable chips manufacture.

Nominal capacity is 1000 kg/hr ~ 6000 kg/hr.

Spiral Quick Freeze Machine Features

1.    Superior quality SS Mesh

2.    Higher tensile strength SS mesh ensure a long services time.

3.    Three chain structure to increase the effective freezing surface and fundamentally solve the problem of freezing material turning over from mesh belt.

Thermal Insulation Cold Storage Panels

1.    The cold storage panels are consisted by an inner and an outer SS plate, and an intermediate Rigid Poly-ether Polyurethane Foams insulation layer which the density is 42Kg/m3.

2.    Convex groove installation and eccentric hook connection design make idea heat preservation efficiency.

3.    There is an inspection door in the refrigerator library body which has the electric heating device working under low voltage to keep off freeze.

4.    There is maintenance passage in the refrigerator library for inspection and maintenance easily.

Reasonable Air Distribution System

1.    The horizontal circulation air supply system makes an air distribution smooth and uniform air field.

2.    Proper air follow and pressure improves freezing efficiency and energy saving.

High-Efficient Evaporator

1.    Full aluminium evaporator with stainless steel shell meets the food hygienic requirements.

2.    Faster defrosting and longer interval defrosting time due to the fin pitch change structure design.

3.    Big size tube radiator of evaporator improves the heat transfer efficiency and Internal clean easily.

Low Temperature Special Cooler

1.    Axial flow fan has Ram stainless steel, aluminium alloy blades with zinc coating motor shell.

2.    Enclosed moisture proof low temperature motor works smoothly with low noise.

Excellent Machine Configuration

1.    Both inside and outside framework are all made from food grade SS material.

2.    The material touched the transfer mesh is wear-resistant ultrahigh molecular polyethylene has longer service time and in accordance with the food safety and hygiene standards.

Perfect Drainage Design

1.    Overall welding stainless steel water pans ensures never leak.

2.    Smooth drainage due to a large slope design.

Dependable Electronic Control System

1.    Mesh belt running speed adjustable adopts Fuji inverter.

2.    Siemens PLC and touch screen control system is option

3.    SS control panel is supplied.

Spiral Quick Freezer construction  Spiral Quick Freezer installation

1000 Kg/h Spiral Quick Freeze Machine Technical Data



Technical data



Single Spirals





Freezing Capacity

1000 kg/h


Drying products

Fruit chips, vegetables


Driving drum

Φ2600 mm


Mesh width

700 mm


Mesh layers

16 layers


Non-frozen Products Temperature



Frozen Products Temperature

-18℃(Central temperature)


Freezing Time



Cold consumption

186 Kw(+35℃’/-40℃’)


Freezer Power

27 Kw