Focus on quick freezing specialty, technology wins the future

Focus on quick freezing specialty, Technology wins the future

Post Time: 18 July 2020

Professional IQF Air blast Freezer Manufacture

IQF or Individual Quick Frozen is a flash freezing, in which the temperature is reduced until its thermal center reaches −18℃. it results lowering the water activity (aw) of the food, inhibiting the spoilage by microorganisms and/or chemical reactions.

The equipments corresponding to Individually Quick Frozen involves air blast tunnel freezer, fulidized bed freezer, and spiral air balst freezer etc.

Freezer library and associated cold source comprise a IQF system. Carefully calculation of cold consumption and select right refrigerating system is the key of the perfect operation solution.

Individually quick frozen characteristics vary by food varieties. Operation scale is another effects when determine the compressore,evaperator and consedore.

Now we are proud that we are building a series of standaredized refrigerating system display in our factory, reciprocating piston or signle/double stage screw comprssore,air cooling condensor for samll scale and evaperating condersoner for medium and large scale, varouse evaporator are all presented with different famous brand, like Fusheng made inTaiwan, Refcom mad in Italy etc.

Focus achieves professional achievements and follows future success.

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