Steam jacketed kettle

Steam Jacketed Kettle

Post Time: 06 January 2018

Steam carries approximately six times the energy of boiling water and gives up that energy upon contact with a colder surface. This simple fact makes steam an ideal heat transfer medium, and steam jacketed kettles the ideal way to cook, reheat and hold a wide variety of menu items.

A steam jacketed kettle is the most efficient and economical method of sauteing, simmering or boiling a wide variety of ducts, such as soups, sauces, gravies, pasta, stews, mixed casserole type dishes, cereals, and puddings.

A Steam Jacketed Kettle is a stainless steel kettle jacketed by a second outer stainless steel kettle, creating a space between the two kettles. Cooking is achieved by allowing steam to flow within the space. The amount of steam allowed to flow into the jacket controls the heat of the kettle. A steam jacketed kettle will not burn foods. Care should be taken to use the smallest flow of steam to lessen the possibility of scorching these products. To achieve this, allow products to come up to temperature, stirring frequently, then turn steam, flow off and gradually turn on a small flow of steam – just enough to allow food to cook. Cooking times vary considerably depending on the size of the kettle and the amount and temperature of the product to be prepared.

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