Banana chips machine

Banana Chips Machine

Post Time: 14 June 2017

Banana chips, Fried plantain chips has very well established and standardized process; the final process, of course, is not the same due to the distinct tastes of different countries

Banana chips Machine are usually applied in batch or continuously plantain chips process which is produced from under-ripe banana and plantain slices, deep-fried, frozen and flavored.

Round or oblique plantain slices are made by using rotary type banana chips slicer machine of the peeled banana. This is special designed to other chips slicing cutting machine.

Plantain chips are directly feed to frying machine without blanching process. Vacuum frying machine is a deep fryer machine with latest vacuum frying technology in banana chips process.

Vacuum fried banana chips are more popular, in lower vacuum pressure frying process, fried chips will keep the natural taste and more crisp. Color was not significantly affected.

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