Advantages and applications of steam jacket kettles

Advantages and applications of steam jacket kettles

Post Time: 25 June 2019

steam jacket pot

A steam jacketed kettle is a container with a spherical bottom with jacket covering to provide space for steam to circulate; the steam condenses on the product-surface of the kettle jacket and transfers its latent heat of vaporization to the product, thereby heating the cooking surface.


Steam as the heating medium of a steam jacketed pot advantages are uniform heating, rapid heat transfer and easy control of the heating rate through a steam valve.


Steam is a utility economic and sanitary heating source in food process.


Most steam jacketed pots are operated at 50 psi as the maximum pressure. a boiler usually supplies desired amount steam to these steam jacketed kettles. In some case, Self-contained steam generator, electric heating or gas fired, to generate steam is also an alternative option.


As a steam jacketed cooker, it is the most efficient and economical method of simmering or boiling a wide variety of soups, sauces, pasta, stews, and reheating pouch prepared food.


A most benefit is that it cooks extremely fast without scorching; a typical representative is a planetary stirring steam jacketed kettle for viscous sauce cooking.

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