Jacketed kettle | industrial kettle cookers


Jacketed kettle | industrial kettle cookers

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Jacketed Kettles has a variety of industrial kettle cookers, direct steam kettle, electric and gas kettle, stationary and tilting jacketed kettle.

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Jacketed Kettles may cook more evenly than a traditional pot because it offers a more uniform cooking surface.

Industrial Kettle Cookers come in various sizes.

According to structure,jacketed kettle includes tilting jacketed kettle, vertical stationary (fix) mixing kettle

According to heating source, jacketed kettle includes electric heating industrial kettle cookers, steam heating jacketed pot, gas heating jacketed kettle and thermo oil jacketed kettle

According to process, including jacketed kettle with stirrer or without agitator

According to sealing request, jacketed kettle includes covered or no cover mixing kettle


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