Air blast fluidized bed freezer | iqf fluidized freezer

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Air blast fluidized bed freezer | iqf fluidized freezer

Short Description:

Fluidization frozen is an ideal way to achieve the IQF (Individually Quick Freezing), which is suitable for freezing the flakes, lumps, strip and granular vegetables with rapid freezing speed. 

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  IQF Fluidized quick freezer    

Fluidized Quick-Freezer Features

Fluidization frozen is an ideal way to achieve the IQF (Individually Quick Freezing), which is suitable for freezing the flakes, lumps, strip and granular vegetables with rapid freezing speed.

Fluidization, that is, the material forms a similar boiling state by a low-temperature air which is blow from the bottom up, like the movement of the fluid, and in the movement is quickly frozen.

Technical Data

Standard scale of fluidized bed quick freezer includes 100kg/hr,200kg/hr, 300kg/hr,500kg/hr,800kg/hr, 1000kg/hr, 1500kg/hr, 2000kg/hr,2500kg/hr and 3000kg/hr.

Special scale is available to be customized.

An example technical data of 500kg / hr IQF fluidized quick freezer is as follows,

500Kg Fulidized Quick freezer Technical Data Table






LSD-500 Fluidized Quick-Freezer


Normal Freezing Capacity



Non-frozen Products

Bulk, without any package


Freeze Method

Blast freezing


Air Supply Mode

Blow up from the lower surface


Non-frozen Products Temperature



Frozen Products Temperature

-18℃,Central temperature


Freezing  Time



Freezing Temperature in library



Defrosting method

Water Defrosting


Freezer Library Body Length


Working Condition



Technical Data








Cold Source

Evaporation / Condensation Temperature


Cold Consumption


 Main Parts Description

IQF Fluidized quick freezer  vegetables and fruits IQF Fluidized quick freezer

1. Support frame

The freezer library body is hanging with a support frame; it is easy to wash the ground.

2Freezer library body and door 

Freezer library body is made of duplex stainless steel sheet with polyurethane in the middle, it has a perfect thermal insulation performance.

Air cap is equipped in the feed inlet; cold will never be loss, so energy is saved. 

1 pcs inspection door and an aisle are to make cleaning and maintenance easily.

3. Water collector and drainage

Water collector is in the whole bottom of libraries, all washing and defrosting water will not leak.

4. Mesh belt and driving gearbox

ST.ST Mesh  meets the HACCP request, it runs smoothly due to some support tracks under mesh, chains on both side and reasonable tensioner, un-frozen fries are able to be put on mesh directly.

To ensure the feeding fries keeping loose without mutual adhesion, a blower and some pulse vibrating device in the front of mesh are designed.

Mesh belt is driven with invertor for different frozen fruit and vegetable request. 

5. Air supplying and Fan

The air supply system provides a large amount of cold air flow evenly, also set the air deflector to effectively reduce the loss of kinetic & potential energy, completely cold air is around on the un-frozen fruits and vegetables, it is available to have quick freeze in the most short time.

Axial flow fan of low noise and high efficiency can run very well for a long service time in low temperature status. Also, maintenance is easy due to evaporator and fan set up separately.


6. Evaporator IQF Evaporator

Aluminium finned tube evaporator of high thermal efficiency is able to run for a long service time in low temperature with less frost formation and defrosting time.


7. Operation panel

Mesh belt is driven with invertor.  2 sets waterproof temperature sensor are set up to accurately measure the temperature in the freezer.




8. Refrigerating System  IQF Refrigrating unit with evaporating condensor  IQF Refrigrating unit

Screw compressor with evaporating condensor or piston compressors for a small scale are optional. 


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