Hot Water Shower Retort, Water Cascading Sterilizer

The water shower/Cascading sterilizer sprays hot water to the surface of the food packages from the nozzles, which are arranged on both sides and the top of the sterilizer inside to complete sterilize the food. Thanks to the rapid heating and cooling, it results a comprehensively, quickly and stably sterilization process.


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water spray sterilizer

What is a water spray sterilization retort?

As one of the food sterilization retort, the water spray sterilizer realizes the possibility that a small amount of process water can be recycled during the sterilization process. After an efficient heat exchange, the hot water is sprayed to the surface of the food for sterilization from the nozzle.

In the sterilizer, the heat is evenly distributed, and there is no sterilization dead angle.

The water is heated and cooled through the heat exchanger, and the heating and cooling speed is fast, which can efficiently and comprehensively sterilize the product.

water spray retort showers

Water Spray Food Retort Structure and Features

  1. Water spray retort consists of horizontal tank, heat exchanger, circulating water pump, cooling water pump, pipeline and various valves and automatic control system.
  2. There are water showers with nozzles both for side spray and top spray. The softened water for sterilization is recycled.
  3. The hot water sprayed through the spray nozzles contacts the surface of the food, which disperses the cold air mass in the retort. The sprayed water mist fills the entire retort space and carries the same temperature, therefor, the temperature distribution in the retort is uniform and free of dead angle.
  4. The temperature rise and cooling process by means of the plate heat exchanger is divided into several step curves, the center and surface temperatures of the sterilization basket are consistent uniformed.
  5. Pressure, temperature and sterilization time are all automatically controlled, which is more precise than manual control.

canned food water spray sterilizer

Water Spray Retort Application

Automatic water spray retort is suitable for high temperature sterilization of fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, convenience foods, etc. with various types of high temperature packaging materials:

1. Glass containers: glass jars.

2. Metal containers: tin cans.

3. Aluminum can plastic container: PP bottle, HDPE bottle.

4. Flexible packaging: aluminum foil bag, transparent bag, vacuum bag, high temperature cooking bag and so on

food water spray sterilizer

Water Spray Retort specification

Water Spray Sterilizer Specification
Spec. Outside Dimension


Inner diameter














10-1 1885 1200 1458 1000 950 1.00 3.5 0.35 145
10-2 2970 1200 1458 1000 1900 1.80 6
12-2 3102 1500 1660 1200 1900 2.60 6
12-3 4100 1500 1780 1200 2870 3.70 11.5
14-3 5820 1600 3645 1300 4000 5.62 23