Water immersion retort, water bath steriliser

Water bath sterilization retort is by pre-heating softening water to the set temperature, and then flow into the retort for food sterilization in glass containers, metal cans or flexible pouches.


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Water immersion retort

Water bath retort is one of the thermal food sterilizer, which use hot water to make a sterilization process for the foods in glass containers, metal cans or flexible pouches. By pre-heating water and recycling the hot water after sterilization, energy and water consumption is saved, and production cost is reduced.

Water Immersion Food Retort Structure and Features

  • The fully automatic water bath sterilizer is designed as two tanks, the hot water storage tank is on the top, and the bottom is the sterilization retort. The softened water for sterilization is preheated by steam in the hot water tank, therefore, shortens the sterilization time;
  • The hot water after sterilization is back flow to the storage tank for recycling, both saving energy and water consumption, and reducing production costs.
  • The food enters the sterilization pot, release the preheated hot water to the sterilization tank, the cold air mass is discharged, and all the food is immersed in the hot water to start sterilization at the same time. During the sterilization process, the hot water keeps circulation and reheated by steam to ensure the temperature error within +5 C for all bathed products. After the sterilization is completed, the hot water is back to the hot water storage for next sterilization process, and cold water is supplied to complete the cooling of the sterilized food.
  • As a heat medium, the specific heat capacity of water is beneficial to the storage of heat. Thanks to the preheating in hot water storage tank and the steam reheating in the cycle process, the hot water temperature in the sterilization process is uniform and stable.
  • Pressure, temperature and sterilization time are all automatically controlled, which is more precise than manual control.
  • The fully automatic human-computer interaction interface PLC+HMI visual monitoring and control system further enhances the reliability of automatic operation.

water bath canned food sterilizer

Water Immersion retorts Application

The water bath retorts are suitable for all types of heat-resistant packaging materials

1. Metal containers: tinplate cans, aluminum cans

2. Plastic containers: PP bottles, HDFE bottles

3. Flexible packages:  aluminum foil pouches, high temperature transparent bags, high temperature vacuum packaging bags and so on

Water Bath/ Immersion Retort specification

Water Bath/ Immersion Retort specification

Outside Dimension

















10-1 2300 1200 2730 1000 1000 1.05 6 0.35 145
10-2 3400 1200 2730 1000 2000 1.80 9
12-2 3520 1300 2960 1200 2000 2.65 14
12-3 4500 1300 3140 1200 3000 3.74 17.5