Why vacuum frying is popular

Why vacuum frying is popular

Post Time: 01 March 2021

Nutritional ingredients & Color enhance

Vacuum frying is carried out at the low temperature (80~120℃) and the oxygen concentration in the frying machine can be greatly reduced. The fried foods will not easily fade, change color or brown and they can retain the original color of raw materials. For example, the kiwi fruit is very easy to brown when it is heated. If people adopt the vacuum frying, the kiwi fruit can retain its green color.

Flavor retaining effect

The machine adopts the vacuum frying and the raw materials are heated in the sealed and vacuum state. Most flavor ingredients of raw materials are water soluble which will not dissolve out in oil and as the dehydration of raw materials, those flavor ingredients are further concentrated. Therefore, the vacuum frying technology can retain the original flavor of raw materials well.

Reducing the deterioration degree of oil

The deterioration of oil for frying includes oxidization, polymerization, thermal decomposition and primarily the hydrolysis caused by the contact between water or water vapor and oil. During the vacuum frying, the oil is under the negative pressure and the massive gas dissolving in oil will escape rapidly. The generated water vapor pressure is very low, as well as the frying temperature. Therefore, the deterioration degree of oil is greatly reduced.

Popular texture

Under the vacuum pressure, the moisture in the intercellular space of fruits and vegetables will rapidly evaporate and expand which enlarges the intercellular space. Therefore, the foods have excellent puffed effect and are crisp and tasty with good rehydration performance.

Successful applications

Fruits: apple, kiwi fruits, bananas, jackfruits, persimmons, strawberries, grapes, peaches, pears, etc.;

Vegetables: tomatoes, sweet potatoes, potatoes, green beans, garlic, carrots, green peppers, pumpkins, onions, etc.;

Dried fruit: jujubes, peanuts, etc.;

Aquatic products, meats of livestock and poultry, etc.

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