Why fruit vacuum freeze dryer is worth recommendation?

Why fruit vacuum freeze dryer is worth recommendation?

Post Time: 10 December 2021

Freeze dryer, also known as vacuum freeze dryer machine, is a drying technology of sublimation to dehydrate materials.

Why vacuum freeze dryer is worth recommendation for novel fruits snacks now?

  1. Because it is sublimation dehydrate, the nutrients are almost undestroyed, especially heat sensitive substances.
  2. Because it sublimates water directly from the solid state into vapors, the food structure does not change.
  3. Under vacuum drying, the possibility of oxidation and enzymatic change is small, so the original color is easy to maintain.
  4. Because the aroma ingredients in the food are concentrated during the freeze drying, the flavor is enhanced.
  5. Following the water sublimation during freeze drying , a large amount of pores are formed, the rehydration is excellent , up to 95%.
  6. Due to the high dehydration rate, no preservative is needed,  the shelf life can be more than five years.

Vacuum Freeze Dryer Is Worth Recommendation For Novel Fruits Snacks

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