What kind of potatoes are suitable for frozen french fries process

What Kind of Potatoes are Suitable for Frozen French Fries Process

Post Time: 10 November 2017

Frozen French fries are usually produced fairly close to the source of supply but occasionally the raw product may be drawn from any of the principal potato producing areas of the country. At time of harvest most late varieties of potatoes have a total sugar content of less than one (1) percent of total solids. Such potatoes are usually suitable for manufacturing into frozen French fries. After the potatoes are stored for a period of time at 40° or less the starch content partially changes to sugar and the potatoes if used immediately out of storage may be unsatisfactory because of the high sugar content. Sugar in excess of two to three percent (based on dry potato weight) may render the potato practically worthless for deep frying. Such potatoes subjected to high temperatures develop black or brown areas, spots or streaks, due to caramelizing and burning of the sugar

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