What is a low temperature vacuum fryer

What is a Low Temperature Vacuum Fryer

Post Time: 08 November 2021

frutis snacks vacuum fryer

There has been a popular fruits and vegetables snacks vacuum fryer in the food process.

A vacuum fryer is a machine designed to fry vegetables, fruit, fish, and meat at low temperatures.

Below the atmospheric pressure, the boiling point of water is lowered; therefore, a low temperature of the frying oil is available.

Under vacuum, and the moisture in the fried product is rapidly vaporized, which results a good puffing effect. The vacuum fried product is crispy and delicious.

It has been found that vacuum frying lowers the release of carcinogens and promotes healthy and safe eating.

Forget deep frying and try the vacuum frying technique which not only makes the dish tastier, it also keeps the nutrients intact.

FAQ of Fruits and Vegetables Snacks Vacuum Frying

What frying oil is recommended?

Palm oil or refined vegetable oil is recommended.

What packaging materials are recommended for the vacuum fried fruits and vegetables snacks?

High density, multilayer metalized plastic bags for food, aluminum foil or iron, aluminum, and

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