Vacuum frying, alternative frying technologies

Vacuum Frying, Alternative Frying Technologies

Post Time: 19 June 2017

During the frying process, the physical, chemical, and sensory characteristics of foods are modified. Texture, color and oil content are the main quality parameters of fried products. Atmospheric deep-fat frying necessarily occurs at high temperatures under atmospheric pressure. Surface darkening and many adverse reactions take place due to the high temperature treatment before the food is fully cooked or dried vacuum frying is a viable option to produce high quality dried fruit and vegetable in a far shorter processing time than conventional frying. The sample is heated under a negative pressure that lowers the boiling point of the frying oil and the water in the sample. Moreover, the absence of air during frying may inhibit oxidation reactions, including lipid oxidation, and enzymatic browning of samples can be largely preserved.

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