Vacuum fryer and vacuum fried snacks

Vacuum Fryer and Vacuum Fried Snacks

Post Time: 20 October 2021

small scale fruits and vegetables vacuum fryer vacuum fried snacks

A vacuum fryer is a machine designed to fry vegetables, fruit, fish, and meat at low temperatures.

There are two types of vacuum fryers. Smaller vacuum fryers are intermittent operations and continuous vacuum fryers are better for more sustained commercial use.

Vacuum pumps unit creates a near vacuum, thus, a vacuum fryer allows the food to fry at a reduced temperature.

Vacuum frying technology has the ability to reduce the oil content of the food, helps to also often retain higher levels of nutrients, and, also maintains the color, consistency and flavor.

Some studies reported that the presence of the carcinogen acrylamide a chemical compound found in certain foods is reduced by the vacuum frying technology.

Vacuum fried foods may go a long way to making snacks a little healthier.

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