Plantain chips in nigeria introduction

Plantain Chips in Nigeria Introduction

Post Time: 20 June 2018

Plantain chips are the most popular plantain products in Nigeria. Plantain chips are spherical or elongated shaped deep fried products of matured plantain fruits at the firm ripe stage. The colour is brownish-yellow, the texture is crispy and the taste is slightly salty. Both Bini cultivars are however, preferable based on product quality and yield. Matured plantain fruit at the firm ripe stage is suitable and it is obtained one or two days prior to ripening depending on the sugar level.  A bunch of Bini plantain of about 18-21 fingers weigh between 6-10kg. Commercial vegetable oil impregnated with antioxidants (to prevent rancidity) is ideal for frying. Iodized table salt is recommended to serve as both taste enhancer and preservative.

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