Pastas modified atmosphere packaging (map)

Pastas Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)

Post Time: 31 August 2020

Pastas Modified Atmosphere Packaging retards the rate of deterioration and substantially increases shelf life

From the viewpoint of food preservation, the oxygen in the air is quite reactive. Apart from accelerates the chemical oxidation of food nutrients (especially vitamins A and C) and other constituent, oxygen is also in favor of mold growth, which causes food spoilages.

The practice has proved that vacuum in packaging process removes oxygen and then replaced with some other gas or gas mixture can retard the rate of deterioration and substantially increase shelf life.

Gas mixture is often made up of all nitrogen or a mixture of nitrogen and carbon dioxide. 

This is well known as modified atmosphere packaging.

A successful case is the high moisture pastas that are now sold are packaged in modified atmospheres; the devoid of oxygen inhibits the growth of mold.

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