No worry for fried crispy chips anymore

No worry for fried crispy chips anymore

Post Time: 15 November 2018

Frying is an old process of manufacturing a food product worldwide. Oil content gives the deep fired snacks unique texture and desirable flavor. However, higher oil uptake, higher in calories, which is not good for health.

Would it possible to produce lower oil content products that still retain the desirable texture and flavor?

Vacuum frying may be an alternative frying for production with low oil content and the desired texture and flavor characteristics. It is carried out under pressures well below atmospheric levels, preferably below 50 Torr (6.65 kPa).

Vacuum frying can reduce oil content in the fried product; preserve natural color and flavors of the product. More ever, the acrylamide, a potential carcinogen, will not be of risk in vacuum fried products due to the low frying temperature less than 120 ℃.

Vacuum fried snack, a healthy food, is becoming true. No worry for fried crispy chips anymore.

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