Jacketed kettle review

Jacketed kettle review

Post Time: 26 December 2019


Jacketed kettle also named steam pot , cooking pot , jacketed steam pot . Jacketed kettle mainly used for comfit , pharmacy , dairy , liquor , pastry ,sweetmeats , beverage , tins , pot-stewed food processing ; also can be used in large-scale restaurant or dining room soup , cooking , meat stewing, porridge and so on ; it is a good equipment to improve quality , shorten time , improve working situation for food processing . 


Jacketed kettle with features of big heating area , high heating efficiency , average heating , short ebulition time , easy to control heating temperature , beautiful profile , easy to install , convenient operation , safety and so on .


1, According to configuration : tilting type , vertical (fixed) type .

2, According to heating source: electric heating, steam heating, gas heating and electromagnetism heating type .

3, According to process flow : stirring and no stirring.

4, According to sealing method : without or with cover.


Fixed type made up of pot body and frame ; 

Tilting type made up of pot body and tilting frame ;

Agitating type made up of pot body and agitator device ;


Both inner pot and outer pot are SUS304/SUS316L

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