Industrial frozen french fries process review

Industrial Frozen French Fries Process Review

Post Time: 07 January 2019

What is a Industrial Frozen French Fries Process?  

Generally, it includes pre-treatment, blanching, pre-drying, par-frying and quick freezing process.  A review for individaul process is shown as follows,

No. Process Application
01 Raw material High dry matter content potatoes prepare


To slice homogenous strips
03 Hot water blanching Not only enzyme inactivation and texture formation, but also to leach out reducing sugars.
04 Hot air Pre-drying Respect to colour and texture and reduce the oil uptake
05 Par-frying in oil Obtain a porous crust which is essential for good quality French fries.
06 Oil draining and cooling Oil content removal
07 Quick freezing Rapidly freezing to avoid large ice crystals form causing damage of the product.

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