Important operation in smoker oven

Important Operation in Smoker Oven

Post Time: 13 January 2018

The inside temperature of the smoker oven is of utmost importance; it has a direct effect on the quality and appearance of the finished product. Determining temperate is as easy as inserting a stem thermometer temperature by touching the smoker or inserting a hand is lucky at best. And of course when things go wrong we start looking for the culprits because it wasn’t our fault.

Another significant factor is the high temperature of smoking, and it should be kept below 160° F (72° C). In most cases we don’t exceed 140° F (60° C), even when hot smoking. Once when the smoking is complete, we can cook the product to a safe temperature of 152° – 160° F (66° – 72° C). To do so, we raise the temperature to about 170° F (76° C) and hold it there.

Melting temperatures of some fats

Pork  82° – 104° F (28° – 40° C)

Beef  104° – 122° F (40° – 50° C)

Lamb 110° – 130° F (44° – 55° C)

The fats start to melt at very low temperatures and we don’t want them to boil and leak through the casings. When faced with excessive temperatures, it begins to melt, and there is no way to undo the damage.

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