How to make fries

How to Make Fries

Post Time: 15 August 2020


1. Introduction
Deep frying is a most useful method of cooking food for four main reasons:
1 It is a fast;
2 Because of the short cooking period, it is possible to prepare food as it is required thereby keeping waste is kept to a minimum;
3 In deep frying, the food is immersed in a very hot material which sears and seals the food, keeping in more flavour then by many other methods of cooking;
4 The layer of fat or oil deposited on the food during frying improves the eating quality of the food. Frying also imparts a characteristic flavour which is different to that obtained by other methods of cooking.
Oils and fats are expensive and they are worth looking after carefully if they are to give a long and economic frying life. These guidelines set out the basic rules and principles of the process [ From]

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