How important is the blanching in potato chips french fries process

How important is the blanching in potato chips French fries process

Post Time: 08 May 2019

potato chips blancher

Hot water potato slices blanching at 70-95℃ (160 F. to 200 F) for 3 to 8 minutes before frying destroys enzyme activity and leaches out reducing sugars and other chemical constituents that cause off colour and off flavour.

The blanching also influences texture of French fries. It contributes somewhat towards the cooking in a frozen French fries process contributing to a firm texture due to surface starch gelatinization.

Blanching could reduce oil uptake since starch is gelatinized at the surface piece creating an external crust which acts as an oil penetration barrier.

The fries are blanched until have a generally translucent throughout.

The times and temperatures may vary with the quantity of potatoes treated, their initial temperature, the dimensions of the strips.

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