guidelines for retort sterilizer selection

Guidelines for Retort Sterilizer Selection

Post Time: 18 March 2022

food retort sterilizer

Heat sterilization is the unit operation in which foods are heated at a sufficiently high temperature and for a sufficiently long time to destroy microbial and enzyme activity.


General Guidelines for Retort Selection

In order to select a retort the follows should be considered:

• Shape and type packages, Metal cans, Glass jars or bottles, Flexible pouches or Rigid trays

• Product types and process capacity.

• automation or semi-automatic operation


Classification of our retort sterilizer

Full Immersion into Hot Water Retort

A water immersion retort is for sterilization of trays, jars, bottles and cans in water bath process, which is designed with upper preheat water storage vessel and lower sterilization vessels.

Water Spray Retort

Water Spray Retorts utilize a high volume pump with an array of spray nozzles strategically located to create an even temperature distribution. Heating and cooling of this water is made through a plate heat exchanger.


Heating source for sterilization retort

Both the water immersion and spray retort, Generally, Steam is recommended as an economic heating source. For small scale Laboratory and Research Test Retort, electric heating is option.

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