Fruits and vegetable individual quick freezing abc

Fruits and Vegetable Individual Quick Freezing ABC

Post Time: 28 April 2020

IQF Fruits and Vegetables

Fluidized bed freezer is one of the common individual quick freezing equipment classified according to convection forced air is used as the heat transfer medium.

Fluidized freezing is a continuous process that convection forced cold air of -35 to -40 C is blown vertically upwards product at a given velocity that can fluidized small pieces of food.

The representative characterizes of IQF is the forced cold air from beneath the conveyor belt causes the products to suspend or float in the cold air stream, this results a high heat transfer coefficients and uniform temperature distribution for freezing unpacked foods, especially when they can be completely surrounded by flowing air.

Fluidized quick freezing is the best choice for serving seasonal raw fruits and vegetables in a better texture and no lump formation. The IQF time depends on volume of freezing fruits and vegetables particles, generally, frozen individually resulting times is only 8-20 min. it is operated by controlling the moving stainless steel mesh belt speed.

Nonetheless, individually quick frozen (IQF) is limited to small pieces of food uniform in size that is prone to floating by the high velocity cold air.

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