Frozen food packaging

Frozen Food Packaging

Post Time: 14 December 2020

frozen food IQF Airblast freezer

The ideal frozen food packaging solution to respond to the increasing demand for frozen foods is quickly and effectively bags a wide variety of products, materials should be moisture-resistant, durable, leak-proof and able to prevent dehydration and degradation of the food, therefore, increase product shelf life.

As with all foods that are stored for significant periods of time, packages should be protective against light and air to prevent product degradation. Failure to do so may result in loss of nutrients from the product, as well as “freshness” or perceived quality.

Flexible bags are a type of flexible packaging supply made for packaging food. When dealing with frozen foods, the most common flexible bags used are pouches made from food-grade plastics, foils, or other food-safe materials.

They are made specifically for frozen food applications such as the packaging of frozen vegetables, fruit, pre-made meals, pasta, and other types of frozen foods.


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            Frozen food IQF Air blast freezer

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