Fried potato products packaging

Fried potato products packaging

Post Time: 17 July 2020

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Fried potato snakcs packaging

Fried potato chips are one of the popular savory snacks; during deep fat frying process, fat is used to dehydrate the product and develop characteristic flavors. As a consequence, the onset of rancidity is the shelf life limiting factor. Potato chips deterioration is mainly associated with fat oxidative and hydrolytic rancidity which leads to the formation of objectionable odors and flavors.


Apart from this, crispness is a prominent textural characteristic; its loss due to absorption of moisture is also a factor in consumers discard the potato chips.

Third, Prolonged storage under fluorescent lights at ambient humidity caused the shelf life of crisps to become limited by rancidity rather than texture changes due to moisture uptake (BCL, 1985).

In conclusion, fried potato chips packaging material needs to provide a high-barrier of O2, light and moisture to minimize the development of rancidity and keep the crispness.

By withdrawn air from the potato chips packaging pouch, the level of oxygen is reduced. Afterwards, inert gas, nitrogen is filled to protect against oxidation and provide a cushion to protect against physical damage.

Deep fat fried Potato Products machines

- Chamber vacuum and nitrogen filling sealer 

- Nitrogen generation online and filling packaging machine

- Automatic nitrogen gas flushing packaging machine

This machine can automatic finish material sending, measuring, filling, bag making, date printing, air filling (exhausting), finished material sending etc. It is high measuring precision, high efficiency and less crushed aggregates.

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