Batch operation deep fat frying equipment for crisps and snacks

Batch Operation Deep Fat Frying Equipment for Crisps and Snacks

Post Time: 02 January 2020

Deep Fat Fryer for Potato Products and Prepare Food Snacks 

What is a batch deep fat frying equipment application?

Batch Operation deep fat frying equipment is suitable for small scale food industrial application for processing potato chips, French fries, banana chips, prepared food and so on.

What’s the structure of a batch deep fat fryer?

A batch deep fat fryer consists of a frying oil vessel and one or more frying baskets. A cooling space with water is constructed at the bottom of the vessel where debris can fall, remaining there and minimizing oil damage.

What is the heating source for a deep fat fryer?

The oil of a batch fryer can be heated directly by means of an electrical resistance heater.

The fryer can also be heated by direct gas flames, named gas-fired fryer.

How to operate this small scale crispy deep fat fryer?

Usually, the operators immerse and remove the baskets manually from the oil.

New equipment built an automatic feeding, stirring during frying, basket lifting and discharging companied with centrifuging de-fating system is available now.

What should be paid more attention for a deep fat frying process?

Removal of food scraps and oil filtration is an essential practice that needs to be carried out on a daily basis, to increase oil shelf life and avoid smoking, charring and off flavours.


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