Vacuum skin packaging: an introduction to meat packaging technology

Vacuum Skin Packaging: An Introduction to Meat Packaging Technology

Post Time: 15 May 2023


A meat vacuum skin packaging machine is a specialized device used in the food packaging industry to package meat products using a technique called vacuum skin packaging (VSP). VSP is a popular packaging method for preserving the freshness and extending the shelf life of meat products.

The machine consists of several key components that work together to create a vacuum-sealed package for the meat. These components typically include:

Tray or Platform: The machine features a tray or platform where the meat product is placed. The tray is usually made of a heat-resistant material that can withstand the sealing process.

Film Roll: A roll of specialized vacuum skin packaging film is mounted on the machine. The film is typically a multilayer structure consisting of a bottom layer, a middle adhesive layer, and a top sealing layer.

Heating System: The machine incorporates a heating system that heats the film to a specific temperature, making it soft and pliable for molding around the meat product.

Vacuum System: The vacuum system removes the air from the package once the film is sealed around the meat. This helps to create a tight, secure, and oxygen-free environment that helps preserve the freshness and quality of the meat.

Sealing Mechanism: The machine employs a sealing mechanism, usually in the form of heated sealing bars that fuses the top sealing layer of the film together, creating a strong seal around the meat product.

Control Panel: The machine is equipped with a control panel that allows operators to set and adjust various parameters such as heating time, vacuum level, and sealing time to ensure optimal packaging results.


When operating the meat vacuum skin packaging machine, the process typically involves placing the meat product on the tray, pulling the film over the meat, and securing it in place. The machine then applies heat to soften the film and molds it tightly around the contours of the meat. The vacuum system removes the air, and the sealing mechanism creates a strong, airtight seal.


Vacuum skin packaging offers several benefits for meat products, including enhanced product presentation, extended shelf life, reduced spoilage, and improved protection against external factors such as moisture and contaminants.

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