Start a hopeful trip of april

Start a Hopeful Trip of April

Post Time: 07 April 2020

Food Pasteurization Machine

In this past march, we were proud to announce that apart of the domestic delivery, Pasteurization and Cooling Machine with a length of 18,000mm was shipped to BUSAN, Korea on 29 Mar.

Also, on 23 Mar, the 500Kg/h sea cucumber air blast quick-freezing machine  was sucessful start-up.

The standards equip with dual-stage screw compressor and efficient evaporative condenser ensures a perfect operation of our IQF tunnel quick-freezing machine.

Watch this IQF freezer operation, pls visit;

In April, our orders are still more than expected. What we have to do is assembly machines at full capacity to ensure that the orders are delivered on time.

Forget the COVID-19. Let’s say goodbye to March; embrace the hopeful April.

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