Industrial Fruit Food Vacuum Freeze Dryer

These medium scale freeze dryers are suitable for food, chemical industry and pharmaceutical drying, economic and lower energy consumption.


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Medium Scale Industrial Fruit Food Vacuum Freeze Dryer

Medium Scale Industrial Fruit Food Vacuum Freeze Dryer

Freeze drying, also known as lyophilizer, is a sublimation carried out at low temperature, thus preserving flavor, color and appearance, and minimizing thermal damage to heat sensitive nutrients. Since the entire process occurs in solid state, shrinkage and other kinds of structural changes are largely avoided.

Typically, freeze drying is carried to a final moisture content of 1–3%. The freeze dried food can be stored for a longer period of time.

The Commercial operations of food freeze dryer began  in the late 1950s.

Industrial Scale Freeze Dryer ApplicationFruit, Vegetable, Flower, Extractive, Pigment, Coffee, Milk, Protein, Bacteria,Biological and Others.

An industrial scale freeze dryer main components

  1. A well-sealed vacuum horizontal cylinder with one door for charging and discharging chamber, fitted with supporting the material being lyophilized trays, shelves, trollies etc.
  2. A heat source unit of heating medium circulating over heat-transfer surfaces
  3. A cold trap (refrigerated condenser), capable of removing the water vapour formed by sublimation, and along with its refrigeration system
  4. A vacuum pumps unit, remove the non-condensable gases, capable of maintaining the low water vapours pressure in the chamber
  5. PLC operation panel

Vacuum freeze dryer

Fruit Food Vacuum Freeze Dryer Technical Data

Vacuum Freeze Dryer Technical Data
Item Technical data
Specification HHFD20 HHFD30 HHFD50 HHFD100
Drying area 20M2 30M2 50M2 100M2
Input load 200kg/batch 300kg/batch 500kg/batch 1000kg/batch
Quantity of trays 32 52 88 204
Tray dimensions 900*700*30mm 1000*600*45mm 950*600*30mm 800*600*30mm
Shelf heater 8+1 13+1 11+1 17+1
Trolley 1 1 2 1
Install Power 45kw 52kw 90kw 120kw
Heating source Steam
Cold trap Integrated arrangement
Heating plate temp. Room temperature to 100℃
Evaporation temperature in cold trap -30℃~-45℃
Pressure in drying chamber 30Pa~133Pa
Maximum cold trap capacity 40kg/hr

Industrial Fruit Food Vacuum Freeze Dryer Test