Automatic vacuum packaging machine

Automatic vacuum packaging machine

Food quality and freshness are not guaranteed without vacuum packing in food process.

Automatic vacuum packaging machine is one of an industrial economical packing machine. It is suitable for vacuum (nitrogen filling) packaging of meat, poultry, seafood, foodstuff, fruits and vegetables.

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meat vacuum Packaging Machine  

Vacuum package is usually to remove oxygen from the packs to extend the shelf life of foods, by reducing the oxygen residual contents, the growth of aerobic bacteria is limited and the shelf life can typically be extended by a factor of 5 to 10 and, with flexible package forms, to reduce the volume of the contents and package.

Commercial vacuum packaging machine is an industrial economical vacuum packing machine. It is suitable for vacuum (nitrogen filling) packaging of meat, poultry, seafood, foodstuff, fruits and vegetables with plastic or aluminium foil film applicate.

Cavity automatic vacuum packing machine features

Automatic and manual operation integrated in one, easy and safety.

German food grade vacuum pump, Busch, result a reliability, durability and long service life.

Be made of SUS304 food grade stainless steel, hygiene and pleasing in appearance.

Economic and low investment.

automatic and manual operation integrated vacuum packaging machine  poultry vacuum Packaging Machine

Double chamber vacuum packaging machine technical data

Spec. DZ-800/2S DZ-700/2S DZ-600/4S DZ-600/2S DZ-500/2S DZ-400/2S
Vacuum chamber 1000*780*200mm 870*660*110mm 770*600*100mm 770*600*100mm 660*535*115mm 660*535*115mm
Sealing size 10(8)mm/2 pcs 10(8)mm/2 pcs 8(10)mm/4 pcs 8(10)mm/2 pcs 8(10)mm/4 pcs 8(10)mm/4 pcs
Seals CL 800mm 530mm 220mm 480m 420mm 420mm
Packing capacity 2-3 times/min 2-3 times/min 2-3 times/min 2-3 times/min 2-3 times/min 2-3 times/min
Weight 500kg 400kg 400kg 400kg 230kg 170kg
Dimension 1920*850*950mm 1920*850*950mm 1480*650*900mm 1480*650*900mm 1480*650*900mm 1030*590*850mm


water proof vacuum packing machie

Water proof vacuum packaging machine

Specification DZW-500/2S
Vacuum chamber 720*620*100mm
Sealing size 8(10)mm/2 pcs
Seals CL 500mm
Packing capacity 500mm
Weight 380kg
Dimension 1850*750*1200mm



Analysis and Solution of Air Leakage in Automatic Vacuum Packaging Machine

 The maintenance of constant limit vacuum is the guarantee of automatic vacuum packaging machine.

After the vacuum packaging machine is used for a period of time, air leakage fault will happen; the performance is that the vacuum gauge cannot draw to zero.

What are the causes of air leaks in automatic vacuum packaging machine?

  • The vacuum chamber seal is aged or damaged, causing air leakage
  • Latex tube aging or rupture, causing air leaks
  • The vacuum chamber is deformed, resulting in poor sealing and causing air leakage.
  • Vacuum chamber plate cracks, resulting in air leakage
  • Welding joint of vacuum pump suction pipe is cracked, resulting in air leakage
  • The piston untight seal caused by shortage of vacuum pump Lubrication oil results a poor vacuum degree, looks like air leakage, in fact, it is not enough vacuum flow.
  • The air extraction time is modified. The vacuum time is not enough, the performance looks like air leakage. In fact, it has just not enough vacuum flow.
  • The air extraction time relay is damaged results a not enough vacuum time.
  • Air bag leakage, resulting in poor vacuum, poor sealing

How to avoid air leakage during designing and producing of automatic vacuum packaging machine?

  • Semi-open design, easy to observe the lubricating oil of vacuum pump, add in time, maintain the normal oil volume.
  • Vacuum pump pumping air on the platform of vacuum chamber, shorten the distance and reduce the leakage point
  • Use imported sealing strip
  • The upper vacuum chamber is bent with 5mm304 stainless steel to increase the strength; the lower vacuum chamber plate is designed with ribs to prevent deformation.
  • The vacuum chamber uses the laser cutting of the plate to eliminate the prestressing force. The vacuum chamber is not deformed and does not break for many years.
  • Use high quality relay, high quality latex tube and other accessories
  • Using high pressure air bag, it can be used under low pressure for many years without leakage
  • Adopt large flow rate vacuum pump, fast pumping and limit vacuum maintenance.



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