Banana Chips Making Machine ·Plantain Chips Machine

Banana chips plantain chips Machine are usually applied in batch or continuously banana and plantain chips process which is produced from under-ripe banana and plantain slices, deep-fried in sunflower oil or coconut oil.


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Project Profile on Banana Chips
Potato chips are more popular than banana chips, but banana chips have a special category of consumers and they are
preferred by many. Competition is not as fierce as in case of potato chips. There are some national as well as regional
established brands for potato chips but they are not in a banana chips as the market is small. This provides
an ample opportunity to a new entrant as the market is not dominated by some brands and with good quality and
competitive pricing, it is possible to capture adequate market share.[From]

Banana Chips Production Manufacturing Process
Banana chips, kripik pisang, Fried plantain chips, or chifles has very well established and standardized process; the final process, of course, is not the same due to the distinct tastes of different countries

Banana chips machine manufacturers, thereby, is able to provide the relevant Plantain processing machine according to different processing technology requirements.


01 Banana and Plantain Peeling Process
As the first step of potato chips making process, both batch operation for small scale capacity
and industry manufacture, unripe bananas or plantains are peeled by hand is still a normally way.
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02 Banana and Plantain Slicing
Banana chips slicing machine (plantain fries cutter)  is suitable for not only batch operations for small scale capacity,
but also industry manufacture.

Both slicing thickness is adjustable easily.

Round shape and italic shape banana and plantain chips are all able to be sliced with slicing blade angle adjustable.




03 Banana and Plantain Chips Frying
For small scale banana chips or plantain chips making process, it is a batch operation from slicing and frying.
The small banana chips plantain chips fryer is recommended. This chips frying machine uses electricity as
heating source with stirrer and automatic discharge operate. It is almost automatic instead of agitation by hand
during frying. For plantain chips industry manufacture, a continuously automatic chips frying machine will be applied.

Continuously working, full automatic control, there is no any worry. 

Frying temperature can be controlled automatically

Heating thermal efficiency is more than 95%

Equipped with automatic oil filter, there is no cannibalization in the oil and the oil will not turn black

Potato chips French fries has bright colors, good taste and improving product quality.



04 Banana Chips Flavoring and Packing
This flavoring process is option, depends on different customer request.

After deep fried process, either salt or spices or both are applied if necessary.

After cooling, they are packed.

Inflatable packaging machine  which improved crush resistance and reduce the damage of the food during
transport is recommended for a small scale banana/plantain chips packing machine.