Weekly commentary on vacuum frying technology-- a review

Weekly commentary on vacuum frying technology-- A Review

Post Time: 07 May 2021

Vacuum frying and Vacuum Fryer

Vacuum frying is a novel technology which removes air from the frying vessel, creating a near vacuum, frying under lower pressure and temperature compared to normal atmospheric deep frying.

Vacuum frying has many advantages over normal deep fat frying such as less oil uptake, less frying time, less shrinkage, can preserve natural color and flavor, and has less adverse effects on oil quality.

Several studies suggest that the presence of the carcinogen acrylamide, a chemical compound, is reduced by the vacuum frying method. Regular, atmospheric deep-frying methods apparently do not reduce the presence of this compound.

Vacuum frying in fruits, vegetables, fish and wheat based snacks producing has been available now.

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