Applications of combined meat bowl chopping and vacuum tumbling in sausage processing

Applications of Combined Meat Bowl Chopping and Vacuum Tumbling in Sausage Processing

Post Time: 25 April 2017

Sausage is delicacy of fine, rigorous choice of materials with pig natural casing. Its making process includes meat grinding, bowl chopping, vacuum kneading and smoking.

Sausage has more features with unique smoked flavors, pure taste, strong garlic smells, brightly-colored, also has its special spices flavour.

Sausage is accepted by consumers and is a meal, feast, travel, gifts to share.

In the process of chopping and rolling with the combination of technology applied to the processing of the sausage to improve the product yield, improve the taste, texture,

Chopping combination with tumbling technologies in sausage processing improves the sausage yield, mouthfeel, and texture.

Sausage process

1. Sausage making machines

Meat grinder, bowl chopper, vacuum tumbler, sausage vacuum stuffer, smoker oven and vacuum packing machine.

2. Sausage technical process

Frozen meat thawing (or fresh meat ) →sorting→ pickling → meat grinding → bowl chopping → ingredient mixing →    vacuum tumbling →  vacuum sausage stuffer with twisting device →    sausage shelves in hanging →  smoker oven (drying, cooking and smoking) →  Cooling  → vacuum packing  → secondary sterilization →  quality inspection and package →  storage

3. Ingredients

1) Formulation of ingredients




Raw meat

Fine pork



shop fat


Chicken skin






Sodium nitrite


Composite phosphate


White sugar




Sodium different VC




Sodium lactate




Mashed garlic


Isolate protein


Maize starch


Potato starch


Fresh water



2) Brine preparation

Put the water into mixing barrel with accurate measurement first

Put composite phosphate, agitate for 5~10min for fully dissolved into water.

Place salt, white sugar, aginomoto, spice, Monascus etc. in order, fully mixing into uniform brine.

After brine preparation is ready, temperature should be below 2 ℃ with ice control.

Maize and potato starch will placed in meat chopper.

4. Sausage Processing Point

1) Raw meat

Fresh (frozen) lean pork meat from the front and hind pig legs or chicken which has been chilled has low fat, together with appropriate amount fat pork or chicken skill will improve sausage of a perfect mouth-feel, pure taste and flavor.

2) Meat grinding

Using meat grinder grinds lean pork into around 40 mm meat granular, and 6—8 mm mincer for fat pork or chicken skill.

3) Meat chopping

Bowl Cutter uses high rotating chopping knife to cut the meat granular, while the chopper pan is rotational of a low velocity.

Due to a short chop cutting time, temperature of minced meat emulsion only has a small raise, so that a fine smooth meat mince with perfect elasticity, emulsification result and product yield ratio is expected.

An excessive chopping is not recommended, ensure to keep meat mincer of an around 10mm size and total chopping time is less than 10 min.

4) Vacuum tumbling

Vacuum meat tumbler is designed distinctively, positive rotation for rolling, kneading and knocking.

Vacuum intake, meat output in inverse rotation and breathing-style process designed to make sure rolling and kneading under both vacuum and regular state to shorten processing time.

Due to a tumbling process in vacuum state, the physical volume of meat mince will be expand and soft, to reduce the heat generation during fritting and throwing, and improve the absorption of formulation, thereby, keep the water retention, fresh and tender, and also improve the yield.

Vacuum tumbling time is not more than 60 minutes as it has been bowl cut in chopper before.

5) Sausage Stuffing

Natural pig casing is used. Sausage filling length is around 280mm with a basis weight of approx. 310g.

Sausage stuffer is equipped with automatic twisting device, of cause, manual twisting is acceptable.

6) Sausage hanging

Put sausage evenly while hanging; Keep a certain distance to ensure smooth ventilation and drying.

7) Smoking furnace (drying, cooking and smoking)

7.1 Drying

Keep the drying temperature at 65-60︒C, control the drying time less than 90min. sausage will of drying surface and brighten-colour.

7.2 Cooking

Keep the cooking temperature at 82-83︒C, but ensure the enter temperature is not less than75℃ , control the drying time less than 90min.

7.3 Smoking

First smoking, wood powder generates strong smoking. In this process, smoking should control the smoking temperature at 60~65℃ of around 45 minutes,

sausage surface will become dry and has an obvious red color. Second, consciously put little wood powder on the flames in smoking generator; keep a further slow smoking around 120 minutes.

8) Sausage pre-cooling

Sausage which exit from smokehouse will go to pre-cooling room while its temperature is close to room temperature. The pre-cooling temperature is 0~4℃ to ensure the sausage center temperature is below 10 in the center of sausage.

9) vacuum packing

Single sausage will be packed into compound package under vacuum degree of -0.08MPa and time of 20 s.

10) secondary sterilization

Sterilization time is 45 min under a temperature of 92~95℃ in sterilizer. Fresh water spary shower will cool down the sausage center temperature to below 30℃ , and go into pre-cooling room again, finally, the temperature will be less than 10℃ and is ready for quality inspection.

11) Quality inspection and packing

Quality inspection includes basis weight, color, and smell and if there is any breakage.

Qualified products will be packed.Sausage is delicacy of fine, rigorous choice of materials with pig natural casing. Its making process includes meat grinding, bowl chopping, vacuum kneading and smoking.

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