Low temperature vacuum frying advantages

Low temperature vacuum frying advantages

Post Time: 23 September 2021

Low temperature vacuum frying

Low temperature vacuum frying advantages

Vacuum frying helps to maintain the nutritional content of food

Vacuum frying can reduce the evaporation temperature of water in the material, and the heat energy consumption is less compared with the normal atmosphere frying. Low frying temperature can reduce and prevent the damage and loss of heat-sensitive ingredients such as vitamins in food materials, which is conducive to maintaining the nutritional composition of food, avoiding the coking of food, and thus improving the quality of products.

Vacuum frying can maintain the color and flavor of the raw materials

In the vacuum frying, the low frying temperature and the low oxygen content effects the fried foods not easy to brown, maintain the natural color of raw materials. At the same time, most of the flavoring components in the raw materials are water-soluble and cannot be dissolved in the oil. In the closed vessel, following the dehydration, these flavoring components are further concentrated.

Vacuum frying extends fried oil service life

Due to the low oil and oxygen content, the degradation reaction of oil oxidation, polymerization and decomposition is slowed down in the process of vacuum frying, thus prolonging the service life of frying oil


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