Comparison between different heating sources of jacketed kettle

Comparison between different heating sources of jacketed kettle

Post Time: 17 August 2020

Because of its large heating area, high thermal efficiency and uniform heating, all the jacketed kettles, Whether steam jacketed kettle, electric heating jacketed pot or gas heating cooker, has been widely used in the heating of various materials in food, dairy, beverage, pharmaceutical, and daily chemical industries.

In general, if steam exists, it is recommended as a preferred heat source because of its high efficiency, fast heating speed and economic production cost.

In the case that steam is not available, electric heating via heat transfer oils in jacketed kettle for cooking is also a good choice. It is a non-pressure heating process; the operation process is safer. The disadvantage is that electric heating is not as fast as steam heating.

Natural gas and LPG are another option as jacketed cooker heating source; efficiency is perfect in addition to a complex control controller if a exactly temperature is expected.

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