Chamber vacuum sealer, how work and application

Chamber Vacuum sealer, How work and Application

Post Time: 02 November 2020

chamber vacuum sealer

Vacuum packaging or vacuum sealing is a form of packaging that involves the removal of air from a pouch or plastic container.

Vacuum packaging with an extremely high gas barrier packaging materials has the purpose of food preservation.

How does a Chamber Vacuum sealer work?

The bag containing food placed in the chamber is vacuumed and then sealed by an impulse system in a vacuum-seal chamber. The degree of vacuum is usually about 0.5 8 torr for this type of machine, and the semi-automatic type machine may load several or dozens of bags in the vacuum-seal chamber at the same time.

chamber vacuum packaging machien

Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine Application

Chamber vacuum sealers are an economical solution for high volume vacuum applications. Additionally, chamber vacuum sealers can seal a wider variety of vacuum pouches and bags. Units must include an oil-based vacuum pump. This type of equipment is commonly used in the food packaging industry to pack meats, fish, and dried products.

Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine Application Required Maintenance

Chamber Vacuum Sealers require routine maintenance.

The vacuum pumps are oil-based, so the vacuum oil needs to be changed regularly.

Additionally, since Chamber Vacuum Sealers come with double seal bars to heat seal the pouches, Teflon tape and seal wires also need periodic replacement.


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