Banana chips and machines

Banana Chips and Machines

Post Time: 30 March 2017

Such as banana chips / wafers, plantain chips are gaining wide popularity in our day-to-day life. Now it is used as snack food in homes, fast food centers, restaurants and also as side dish and garnishes.

Banana Chips General Manufacturing Process

It is very well established and standardized. Damaged or ripe bananas are taken out during inspection and only good quality unripe bananas are washed in water. Then they are peeled and trimmed before slicing or cutting them in the required size. Then they are washed in boiled water and dried. Dried pieces are deep fried and then either salt or spices or both are applied on them. After cooling, they are packed. In this process, weight loss in the range of 15% to 20%.

Banana Chips Main Banana Chips Machine

For banana chips machine, Round slices or oblique slice are made by using rotary type banana chips slicer machine of the peeled banana. Only this banana chips/wafers cutter is special designed to other chips cutting machine due to the difference between banana and potato.

Another important machine is banana chips fryer, continuous banana chips fryer or batch plantain frying machine is subject to the final fried chips volume.

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