Air blast freezer

Air Blast Freezer

Post Time: 14 November 2017

Various types of air blast freezers are used including tunnel quick freezers, fluidized quick-freezer, and spiral freezers. These all function by circulating cold air, often below –30°C, at high velocity above and around the product.

The most common type is the tunnel freezer where products are placed on racks with air space between the layers. The heat transfer coefficient increases with increasing air velocity, but this also means higher energy consumption. The stacking is important so that air circulation is not impaired.

Fluidized Freezer suspends smaller sized foods, e.g. peas, prawns, in a blast of cold air. Heat transfer is faster by this method, and results in individually quick-frozen (hereinafter designated as IQF) foods.

Spiral Quick Freeze Machine is suitable for frozen potato chips fries, banana/plantain chips vegetable chips manufacture.

Low installation space request, highly freezing efficiency and energy-saving are the most features.Nominal capacity is 300 kg/h ~ 6000kg/h.

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