Vacuum cooler is in producing schedule

Vacuum cooler is in producing schedule

Post Time: 09 July 2020

Vacuum cooling is a precooling method where the produce is cooled down by vaporizing moisture from inside the product itself.

Vacuum precooling is the most practical way to precool vegetables to attain optimum shelf life due to quick and efficient precooling periods of 15 to 45 minutes.

With a vacuum cooler, removal of field heat immediately following harvest, which accelerates the deterioration and senescence processes, increases vegetables shelf life.

The more surface area that the product has compared to its weight, the greater the amount of heat can be dissipated at a rapid rate. This means that vacuum cooling is an excellent way to cool leafy salads, spinach, mushrooms, sprouts and flowers, vacuum pre-cooling is perfectly suited. But also other more compact produce like beans, broccoli, celery and sweetcorn, and perishable products like mushrooms can quickly and efficiently be pre-cooled by using vacuum.

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